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1.      Use "Strict" mode when parsing JavaScript

2.      Join consecutive statements with comma operator

3.      Optimize property access by using dot notation instead of bracket notation.

4.      Remove unreachable code

5.      Remove debugging statements

6.      Apply unsafe optimizations

7.      Optimize if-s and conditional expressions

8.      Optimize comparisons

9.      Evaluate constant expressions

10.    Optimize boolean expressions

11.    Optimize loops

12.    Remove unused variables and functions

13.    Move function declarations to the top of the current scope

14.    Move variable declarations to the top of the current scope

15.    Optimize if-s followed by return annd continue

16.    Join var declarations

17.    Drop side-effect-free statements

18.    Encodes Unicode characters as ASCII

19.    Use semicolons to separate statements

20.    Output comments

21.    Beautify output